Showa Travel



We will consult with you and propose a travel plan that meets your needs. We will hold a travel briefing session upon request to reduce the burden on the organizer. During the trip, we will provide full support by providing reports on the situation on-site, contacting the organizer to confirm return time, etc.

After deciding the destination, we will give you the procedure manual. The same person in charge will assist you until the tour ends according to the schedule in the procedure manual until departure.

We propose travel plans that remove barriers between generations and departments by proposing plans that incorporate team-building elements.

Example) Trout fishing, meditation experience, etc.

We will propose a combination of flights that will meet you locally at a similar time, so that your tour can proceed smoothly. In addition, we will arrange flights and support those who participate from overseas branches.

Regardless of whether it is domestic or overseas, when a tour conductor accompanies you on company trips with free time, we will set up a tour desk where the tour conductor will give you advice on how to spend your time, reservations for restaurants, etc.


In addition, if a tour conductor does not accompany you, we will inform you in advance of the model plan during free action and propose a meaningful time for everyone.